French Morning and Frenchly are calling on 7th-11th grade students for a New York essay contest on being bilingual. We want to hear the stories of bilingual students, speaking any languages, who are attending school in the greater New York area. Essays should be written in students’ best English. Essays will be judged on clarity, persuasiveness, originality, and how compelling the storytelling is.

Winners will be recognized at an awards ceremony at French Morning’s annual Bilingual Fair on November 3rd at Fordham University School of Law.


Essay Question:
How does being bilingual make you different, shape you or define who you are?

Length Requirement:
7th-8th graders (Middle School), 300-350 words
9th-11th graders (High School), 450-500 words

High School
1st: $400 for the student and $250 for their school

Middle School
1st: $200 for the student and $100 for the school

Deadline is on October 3rd.

Winners will be announced at the Bilingual Fair on November 3rd.