Singing and speaking: reciprocal influences of music and language in early childhood development and learning


Music and language are two communication systems that humans have developed to express ideas, emotions, values and cultural meanings. Neuroscience and cognitive psychology explain that music and language stem from common origins and share some structure of brain processing, which implies that the development and training in one of them has an impact on the other. The purpose of this panel is to explore how music and language are inextricably linked and almost indistinguishable during the early years of development (0 to 8-year-old), and discuss its implications for multilingual education.


Claudia Calì – Ed. D: Music and Music Education, Teachers College Columbia University, Queens College and New York University

– Meryl Sole, Ed.D: Music and Music Education, New York University
– Evelyn Troester De Graf, Ed.D: Ghostlight Chorus and German International School of New York
– Adriana Diaz Donoso, Ed.D: WeBop at Jazz at Lincoln Center
– Valentine Biollay, Primary Music Teacher at Lycée Français de New York